Dự đoán xổ số Khánh HòaInformation for Faculty

Together, we can help students achieve their goals.

You are a source of knowledge to help students clarify their values and interests, build confidence in their capabilities, and make connections outside of the Otterbein community. We provide resources and support to you whether you are advising students, creating student positions for research projects, or engaging in other career-related activities with students.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • We complement academic advising. Encourage students to take the Self Assessment exercise, which can help them think through their academic goals before they meet with you.
  • We can collaborate with you. Let us know of any effort that you are undertaking that will help students take their major beyond the classroom (e.g. panels, undergraduate research, conferences, etc.).
  • Are you headed to a conference and need to fill a class session? We can deliver a fun, highly interactive workshop on a career or professional development topic of your choice to your class, student organization, team, or department. Contact us to discuss details, career@otterbein.edu or 823-1456.
  • We are a clearinghouse of opportunities. Send us relevant information on specific internships, fellowships and scholarships, research opportunities, jobs, and graduate and professional school via campus mail or email to career@otterbein.edu or point employers to .
  • We connect students to resources. We have a variety of print and online resources and can supplement the information they are receiving from their faculty mentors.

Internship Manual & Forms

The Internship Manual and forms can be found here.

Partnerships & Referrals

Our goal is to prepare Otterbein University students and alumni to be active participants in developing and implementing their career decisions. Developing a relationship with you plays a crucial part in helping us fulfill the goal. We are interested in building partnerships with academic departments to help students reach their goals. Please contact us at any point to discuss how we may work together.

Partnerships with Us

There are many ways that we can work with you to enhance our services for students. Programs and workshops co-sponsored with academic departments are an effective way of reaching students. A session open to all students, but sponsored by your department, is one option, as well as an event tailored uniquely to the needs of your students. Contact us via email at career@otterbein.edu to explore options for working together.

Referring Students to Us

Dự đoán xổ số Khánh HòaWe work with students at every academic level. Our services and resources cover a wide range of career issues, such as self-assessment, searching for full-time jobs and internships, and applying to graduate and professional schools. Career advising is available to discuss individual career needs in a private setting. We also offer a variety of programs and special events covering topics related to career exploration, job and internship search, and preparation for graduate and professional school.