Programs of Study in Art & Art History

Student holding art supplies

Art History (B.A.)

B.A. in Art History The Art History major introduces you to art from around the world and across different time periods.  Your studies focus on close analysis of art objects, monuments, historic structures, and other aspects of visual culture from the ancient world to the contemporary, preparing you for careers in museums, galleries, arts administration, and other areas of cultural heritage management. You'll have the opportunity to study works in person at the on-campus Frank Museum of Art, as well…

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Woman standing in front of art exhibit

Art History (Minor)

Minor in Art History The minor in Art History allows you to explore the production, function, and meaning of the visual arts in cultures across time and place, and to consider the value and significance of cultural heritage. In combination with other majors, the minor can help contribute to career paths in museums, galleries, and other fields in cultural heritage management.  As a discipline within the Humanities, Art History furthers your commitment to the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to…

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Art studio with paintings on the walls

Studio Art (B.A. or B.F.A.)

B.A. or B.F.A. in Studio Art The Studio Art major immerses you in the study of art through the development of craft and technique combined with concept and meaning.  Otterbein University’s art program is a nationally recognized fine arts program offering both B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in studio art.  Our art department is grounded in the tradition and holistic nature of the liberal arts, providing students with a solid foundation for the future.  The two degree tracks offered have benefits…

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Studio Art (Minor)

Minor in Studio Art The Studio Art minor at Otterbein University provides students in other majors the opportunity to pursue their interest in art study and practice at a level that complements and enhances their other academic pursuits. By minoring in Studio Art, you’ll have the opportunity to focus in one studio area or to study broadly across a variety of art media, including photography, graphic design, drawing, painting, ceramics, and intermedia. Course Catalog > Art & Art History Department…

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